Workshop with GDE Paul Blundell and Xavi Rigau about - Automated Performance Testing -

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This workshop will provide a guided, tutorial and hands-on coding experience. We will step you through adding performance testing features to an existing Android application.

You will create a stable and reusable testing harness to run performance tests on a simple existing Android app. The harness will automate the collection of information such as systrace logs, location requests, batterystats, graphics profiling, and more. Test failures will also be logged to files and we'll show you an example of how to write a performance-based test. Wow, that's a lot, right?! Don't worry we will be walking through this step by step, in an easy to understand and straightforward lead by example manner! !!حظا سعيدا :)

What we'll learn together:

  • How to quickly navigate some Android Performance tools
  • How the Espresso testing framework can be used to write unit and performance tests
  • How to use MonkeyRunner and Gradle to automate the testing workflow
  • How to review systrace output to understand your app’s performance issues
  • What are battery statistics
  • What is graphics profiling

This workshop will take about 2 hours in total. You will be required to bring your own laptop. Having Android Studio IDE pre-installed and having downloaded the latest build tools and Android SDK.

The workshop will be managed by Google Developer Expert Paul Blundell and Xavi Rigau