Design Sprint – Pre-droidcon Event 31/1/2015


​Design sprint is a methodology​ used by Google​ for ​creating and testing product​s​ in short time.​ It’s a way of finding a solution to a problem effectively, with minimal time and cost.
​Various Google products emerged​,​ or got updated​,​ using this process, example: Google Glass, Project Loon, Hangouts and ​much ​more.​

What happens at Design Sprint?

​Participants are broken down into groups. You can come with your own group, team or co-workers. ​​You’ll learn how to work as a team and individually to find the best solution to a problem. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a functioning prototype.


The session is ​free and ​open to everyone​.
The session is open to everyone, specially startups and entrepreneurs.
There will be no coding at the session, No need to bring anything, just your brain!


This process is used at Google-X
​You can apply this methodology to your existing company or startup.